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Judith H. Rawnsley :   
Total Risk   
Nick Leeson and the Fall of Barings Bank   

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He bet the bank... And lost it.  

It took 200 years for Britain´s Barings Bank to amass huge assets and a sterling reputation - and just two months for a reckless trader to   send the respected blue-blooded institution hurtling into bankruptcy and disgrace.  

At 28, Nicholas Leeson was a hotshot trader earning more than .5 million annually in salary and bonuses. But on February 23, 1995, Leeson had disappeard, and within hours, his employers discovered that he had gambled away a billion dollars in bank money.   

The ultimate in high-stakes crime and discovery, Total Risk brings to light shocking revelations about one of the most spectacular disasters in modern financial history, including: how Leeson racked up huge losses and then hid them from his superiors how London bank managers ignored warning signals that he was out of control how  Barings´directors scrambled to raise billions to save the bank and finally, how one ordinary young man rose from working-class origins to topple Britain´s most venerable banking establishment and rock the world´s financial markets.   

A fascinating story of blind pride meeting high-stakes business, Total Risk is a riveting ride on the roller coaster of international finance, deep secrets, and costly lies.   

Utgitt av Harper Paperbacks, 1996   
Første gang utgitt 1995   
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